Travels And Holidays In Italy

Journeys and Holidays in Italy

Promotion Italy to promote tourist in our beautiful nation and let people know more about the tourist resorts in all regions, both for beach or mountain tourism, information on tourist in Italy. Promo Italy wants to be a guide for those who wants to know this nation better, region by area, under every aspect, from the north to the south of this peninsula. On Promotion Italy you can find details relating to tourism in Italy, suggested travel plans, means of transport and communication, common products and the so-called wine and food weekends. Italy is considered as one of the most stunning, artistically and culturally rich countries, in the entire world.

This, when integrated with the existence of a range of receptive structures of every type and category, makes us special. Foreign tourists consider this an irresistible mix and visit our artistic cities year-round, crowd our beaches throughout the summertime, and our mountain areas during the winter season ones. The area of Italy is different, going from the sea to hills and mountains, providing numerous possibilities to those travelers who visit its artistic cities, islands and beaches. Italy’s main tourist resorts provide Hotels of every classification (from one-two-three-four stars to five stars) which supply a fantastic hospitality for each need; the farm holiday resorts, hotels and houses are the primary income of this region, they are located throughout the entire territory and are located along the coastlines and on the hills.

Between the more well-known cities of art we remember Florence, Venice, Rome, Pisa, Siena, Bologna, Siracusa, Milano, Torino, but Italy is a real museum to the outdoors and its area is richest of testimonies and artworks worthwhile to be gone to. The assortment of Italy’s hospitality is completed by stunning residential homes and tourist villages right for both households’ and youngster’s vacations.


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